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Rotational Moulding of Plastics
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Welcome to Rotamould Pty Ltd, an Australian owned and operated company.

Rotamould specialises in the design and manufacture of rotomoulded plastic products.

Over the years, a market need became evident for lightweight, tough and corrosion resistant products that were traditionally manufactured from metals or fibreglass. This led to the development of polyethylene rotomoulded components for a variety of products. Products include floats, bins, tanks, barriers, materials handling components etc...

The rotomoulding process is an efficient moulding technique for the manufacture of plastic products. The process begins with specially developed powdered polymer that is loaded into a custom constructed mould cavity. The mould is heated whilst rotating on two axes at low speed creating a tumbling action to evenly distribute the polymer. As the heat penetrates the mould, the resin adheres to the mould's inner surface until it is completely fused. The complete part is ready for cooling and removal from the mould.

Moulds are made from either sheet metal or cast aluminium and are relatively low in cost when compared to other forms of moulding, for example injection or blow moulding.

Rotamould manufactures products in a number of grades of polyethylene suitable for the products design purpose. Rotamould manufactures in both virgin material and recycled material as required.

Polyethylene can be manufactured in a number of colours to suit customer requirements.

The advantages of polyethylene are as follows;

                                                          * Self coloured (if scratched, colour is right through the product)
                                                          * High impact resistance
                                                          * High stress crack resistant
                                                          * UV stabilised
                                                          * Corrosion Resistant
                                                          * Resistant to many chemicals
                                                          * Can be recycled
                                                          * Can be used to manufacture complex shapes